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Immerse in Morocco with custom guides reflecting your dreams - from adventure thrills to cultural richness and photography artistry.

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What we enjoy about Morocco is it's incredible diversity, which includes deserts, mountains, wild Atlantic coasts, and old medinas.

Beyond ordinary tours, Ima Aicha opens doors to extraordinary adventures, choose from Adventure, Cultural, or Photography experiences.
“Morocco is like a tree whose roots lie in Africa but whose leaves breathe in European air”
Hassan II, King of Morocco

Discover the rich diversity of Morocco by experiencing our best activities!


Chic Riads

A classic courtyard home in Moroccan medinas is known as a riad (which means "garden" in Arabic). They vary in a variety of shapes, but normally rooms are arranged around a central patio and are often basic on the outside but highly ornate on the inside. Over the last two decades, there has been a spike in riad remodeling initiatives, with sometimes remarkable results. Spending a few nights in one of Morocco's many converted boutique hotels and guest houses is a popular experience. There's something for everyone, whether it's contemporary, classic, minimalist, themed, large, small, for private use or as a hotel room.

Convert Kasbahs

Morocco boasts an incredible selection of boutique accommodations, with the renovated Kasbah coming out on top in terms of elegance, character, and romance. Kasbahs are fortified buildings that might be hundreds of years old and serve as reminders of Morocco's violent history. The majority are in the southern portion of the country, and some have been made into hidden gems where travelers can stay, concealed deep in palm oasis and behind unassuming mud walls. The enchantment of Morocco is most vividly reflected in its Kasbahs and distinctive communities.

Fancy Glamping

Luxury camping in Morocco's deserts is one of the most popular experiences we offer our clients. campgrounds exist in a variety of shapes and sizes, from private installations set up specifically for you in virgin places to established campgrounds with more infrastructure and possibly other visitors. One constant is the emphasis on the magical period from sunset to morning, which allows you to enjoy sleeping under the stars with a campfire and kind people to care after you.

Stylish hotels

Morocco, and particularly Marrakech, has a dynamic scene of unique places to stay. Many are located between the city and the Atlas Mountains and feature extensive gardens where you can take full advantage of Marrakech's 300+ days of sunshine every year. Continue reading for some of our greatest new proposals, and do contact us if you want the inside scoop on new and interesting job opportunities
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Expert, helpful & lots of fun!

We had the pleasure of meeting Hamid on a full-on highlight tour of Morocco. Hamid is an expert in the area and shares his insider knowledge freely, providing top tips & practical precautions with compassion & humour. He is well connected across the region & makes every effort to ensure that all parties enjoy themselves regardless of abilities. Would highly recommend him as a tour leader for your next to Moroccan holiday.

Catherine Gardner

Always professional. We quickly adopted his motto-there are no problems only solutions. Hamid's people skills are terrific managing to connect with each one of us . Local knowledge gave us the experience of a lifetime and I am so grateful for the opportunity to meet genuine moroccans in their homes. Hamid's organizational skills brought us quickly efficiently and safely to each destination without hesitation

Lara Jambor

Hamid took excellent care of us when we’re in Morocco; including arranging birthday parties. He showed us all the beautiful sights of Morocco. He is an fabulous ambassador for a beautiful fascinating country.

Kate ‍Prendiville

Hamid is a gem of a young man with a huge heart and an incredible love for the people in his home country. He shared his knowledge with us and explained things thoroughly when he was questioned about customs or concerns. He made sure we were all safe at all times. Can't say enough about him - he made the experience wonderful!!!

Laura Emond

Abdou, the tour guide, has done a wonderful job and exceeded my expectations. He took extra time to show the group around the area when arriving at a new destination and made sure we knew about important places like ATMs, laundry facilities, and local markets. What's more impressive is that he brought us to visit some locals, giving us the opportunity to truly immerse ourselves in Moroccan culture and connect with the people.Special thanks to Ima Aicha for organizing this trip for my family

Lynne Connelly

Sanaa truly embodied the qualities of an outstanding tour leader. She demonstrated exceptional foresight in anticipating our needs throughout the journey. Having had Sanaa as our tour leader on previous trips to Morocco, I can attest to her remarkable talents, extensive knowledge, professionalism, and kindness. I gained invaluable insights from her guidance. I extend special thanks to Hamid from Ima Aicha Travel Agency for his assistance in making our dream trip a reality.

Martine Balandraud

Nous avons visité le Nord du Maroc,la région de Marrakech, le désert, tout était magique !!Hamid est un guide passionné ,qui a toutes les qualités pour que le voyage soit parfait!! il connaît son pays par cœur et vous le fera aimer. Demandez lui ce que vous voulez, il vous le fera découvrir.Je recommande l agence d Hamid c est le meilleur!!

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